Thaer Maarouf „Dirty Messages“, mixed media, 2017

philomena+ project room is pleased to host the exhibition

Demanding the Impossible at Unexpected Turns  (10/4 – 10/27/2017)

opening: 3rd October, 7 – 9 pm


curated by Gulsen Bal and Walter SeidlPhilomena ohne Hintergrund
produced by open space. 
opening hours: Friday and Saturday 13.00 – 18.00 and viewing is available by appointment only for the rest of the weekdays. Admission free


In a world, where the impossible seems possible, when something that has been repressed for a long time, steps out of the unconscious and seems to get radicalised through the extreme right, artists are more than ever prompted to dedicate themselves to a future, where anti-intellectualism is at stake and critical thinking no longer accepted. What will come after Trump, Brexit and ISIS? Which forms of radicalisation are constituted and how has our perspective on a liberal, open society changed? How can artists reclaim this open society and which conflicts arise along economic, technological and medical progress, which makes us want to live longer but prevents us from thinking critically?

Artists are in constant need of demanding new models of gauging how the world can be seen from a different perspective than the one, which is determined, by dominant models of power, politics or religious beliefs. The latter often cause unexpected turns that shift societies into different directions, which might not even be accepted by a majority of voters and/or the population. Ever again, societies and certain population groups are trapped in a “state of exception”, as Giorgio Agamben put it in 2005. This state of exception, however, has continued to the present day and rather turned into a “state of emergency, which might not be overcome in a near future.

The artists whom are taking part in the exhibition tackle these questions implicitly and try to generate various models, which claim for a different status quo to open up new possibilities and areas of thought at the prelude to further urgent hopeless transformations and the voids that carry certain disappearances within unexpected turns.

supported by: Stadtteilkultur, Interkulturalität und Internationale Angelegenheiten, Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien, MA7 – Bildende Kunst, Kontakt. Die Kunstsammlung der Erste Group und ERSTE Stiftung, cyberlab – Digitale Entwicklungen GmbH, PILOT Gallery, KUNSTHALLE EXNERGASSE

venue: philomena+ project room, Heinestraße 40/7, 1020 Vienna, Austria, +43-(0)-664/1431453




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philomena+ is pleased to show case the project

ATTOKOUSSY* (Part II)    11/16 –11/23/2017

Opening: Donnerstag, 16. November 2017, 10 Uhr (coffee&cake)

Introduction: Elisabeth Piskernik, Le Cube, Rabat, Marokko 

everyday 0-24h

* ATTOKOUSSY in an artistic research project that opens up a space, where Moroccan rituals and superstition can be reflected and expressed. The project is a collaboration with Le Cube, Rabat und der Galerie Hinterland, Vienna. 

venue: philomena+ show case, Heinestraße 40/7, 1020 Vienna, +43(0)664-1431453

Attokoussy is part of the Vienna Art Week 2017. Image result for vienna art week 2017





philomena+ is pleased to announce its participation at the Parallel Vienna 2017 and to present the exhibition

<< Harraga  حراقة  >>  
Algerian Arabic for „those who burn“ (the frontiers). Harragas are persons who run ashore.

Sahar Bardaie (IRA)
Yesmine Ben Khalil (TUN)
Armin Mohsen Daneshgar (AUT/IRA)
Patricia K.Triki (TUN)
Hela Lamine (TUN) 
Rania Werda (TUN)
Wolfgang Wirth (AUT)

10th floor, Room 1001

PARALLEL VIENNA 09/19 – 09/24/2017
Schnirchgasse 9A
A-1030 Wien

Opening Hours:
Tue 09/19 1pm-10pm
Wed 09/20 3pm-11pm Fair Night
Thu 09/21 12am-8pm
Fri 09/22 12am-8pm
Sat 09/23 11am-7pm
Sun 09/24 11am-7pm




Public Screening:  VIDEONOMAD AM VOLKERTMARKT    (09/02/2017)

philomena+ invites VIDEONOMAD for an open-air screening on the Volkertmarkt in the 2nd district of Vienna, Saturday, Sep.2nd, 2017, 8pm.

VIDEONOMAD founder Tobi Ayedadjou (BEN/DEU) and the artist Mara Niang (SEN/AUT) will be present at the evening and would be happy to answer questions from the audience.

selected videos:

Younes Baba-Ali (MAR), Moroccan Anthem, 2′ 12“

Mara Niang (SEN/AUT), Save the people, 4′ 4“

Jeannette Ehlers (DEN), How Do You Talk About Three Hundred Years In Four Min., 4′

Chris Saint Martin (USA): Carrera, 5′ 16“

Lerato Shadi (ZAF/DEU): Matsogo, 5′

Everyone is welcome !

Free entrance !





Artist Talk:  Art historian Dr. Negar Hakim talks with the photographer Josef Polleross about the architecture and decay in Iran.

Hinterland im Spetakel, Hamburgerstraße 14, 1060 Vienna             Thursday, November 17th, 2016, 7 pm