15/11/ – 07/12/2019








Lisa Großkopf and Shiri Rozenberg
curated by Christine Bruckbauer

Opening: 15/11/2019 at 6 pm
Duration: 16/11/- 07/12/2019
Mo – Fr 10 am – 6 pm / Sa 11 am – 3 pm
Venue: philomena+, Heinestraße 40, 1020 Vienna

Lisa Großkopf (AT) and Shiri Rozenberg (IL) transform the project space of philomena+ into a temporary photo studio.
According to the artists, photo studios are spaces in which normative structures of our society, in particular in terms of gender, sexuality and body, become visible in a more compact form. In the displays, the highlights of the (heterosexual) family biography are often presented. At the same time, one often encounters stereotypical depictions of feminity and masculinity regarding the subjects shown, poses, facial expressions, image composition, etc.
The Fotostudio Großkopf & Rozenberg in the Heinestraße is considered as ’safe space‘ where everyone is welcome and normative structures will be demolished. 

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Lisa Großkopf (AT)
Lisa Großkopf’s work oscillates between different disciplines, from photography to transmediale art. In her artistic practice and investigation she combines conceptual, experimental and performative methods with practices of activism. A recurrent theme in her work is connected with the tension between private and public spaces. Since 2016 Lisa Großkopf has been transforming windows of vacant shops into displays of fictional photo studios in order to question norm structures of our society through artistic intervention. Lisa Großkopf studied photography and visual communication at the University of Art in Linz as well as TransArts at the University of Applied Art in Vienna.
Shiri Rozenberg (IL)
Shiri Rozenberg is a photographer and a conceptual artist working with photography and installation. She received her BFA in photography and her MFA both from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel. Her point of view raises questions about her environment, as she brings up different conflicts between cultures, nationalities, sexuality and gender. She seeks to re-assimilate within a place and to create a new narrative through this assimilation in which she chooses its boundaries or alternately breaks them.

Fotocredits: top: Lisa Großkopf, Fotostudio, Thaliastraße 153, bottom: Shiri Rozenberg, Untitled_(Miuriel)

Special Event:
Friday, 22/11/2019
5 pm Performative Intervention by guest artist Veronika Merklein
6 pm Talk Ruby Sircar in conversation with Lisa Großkopf, Veronika Merklein and Shiri Rozenberg
Venue: Fotostudio Großkopf & Rozenberg, project room philomena+ Heinestraße 40, 1020 Wien