A discussion about the EU migration pact with Tunisia was the starting point of the exchange between the artists Belhassen Handous, Joanna Pianka, and Tomash Schoiswohl. With the result that the exhibition project “Off Your Shoes” links the topics of migration and loss to the history of labour and protest in Tunisia and Austria – with shoes being a common theme.

curated by Christine Bruckbauer & Aline Lenzhofer


Exhibition duration: 17/11/2023–13/01/202


philomena+ welcomes Belhassen Handous. He is this year’s candidate of our collaborative residency programme  “Carrefour des Possibles” with La Boîte Tunis and will realise together with Joanna Pianka and Tomash Schoiswohl the project  “Off Your Shoes” (17/11/2023–13/01/2024) in Vienna. 

panel discussion
Sun, 19/11/2023, 4 pm

The panel discussion gives deeper insights into geopolitical intentions and EU measures to stem migration that are tackled in the exhibition “Off Your Shoes”. The activists, researchers and journalists Azizou Chehou, Wael Garnaoui, Leonie Jantzer, Thameur Mekki, Mariama Nzinga Diallo, Petar Rosandić aka Kid Pex and Katarzyna Winiecka discuss the externalisation of EU migration politics and shed a light on artistic strategies in this context.

book launch
Sat, 25/10/2023, 7 pm

Over the past years Patrick Timm has worked on a logbook about his project Poststelle. This reflects the whole process of the project, starting from his application to a residency programme at a Berlin refugee camp to his return from southern Iran after personally delivering a letter to a refugee’s family.


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philomena+ promotes the intersocietal and intercultural exchange between WANA (West Asia and North Africa) and Vienna, Austria. philomena+ curates exhibitions, public art projects, artist residencies, exchange programmes between art institutions in Austria and WANA, panel discussions, round tables and publication projects on pressing global issues. Rather than focusing on a type of art which centres around objects, philomena+ promotes art which focuses on individuals and life.

philomena+ aims to connect artists and architects from WANA with the local art community in Vienna, Austria.
It is a platform for artists, researchers and civil society for dialoguing, questioning, creating and building future collaborations.
In addition philomena+ seeks to work with artists and architects, who originate from WANA and have recently settled in Austria, offering a first point of contact and support to find their feet in the new environment.

In 2016, motivated by an understanding that sees art as an outlet for different social groups and as a starting point for dialoging, art historians Christine Bruckbauer and Negar Hakim founded the philomena+ platform. “We see ourselves as cultural ambassadors who engage in an exchange of ideas, information, art and other aspects of culture among nations and their peoples in order to foster mutual understanding.”

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Markt-Marie: Mustapha Akrim & Ryts Monet

06/05 – 07/07/2023

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