about us

philomena+ connects artists and architects from the WANA region (West Asia and North Africa) with the local art community in Vienna and vice versa. The main purpose is to provide a platform for artists, intellectuals, researchers and the civil society for dialoguing, questioning, creating and building future collaborations.


In addition philomena+ seeks to work with artists and architects, who originate from the WANA region, and have recently settled in Vienna or in Austria. philomena+ offers a first point of contact and support to find their feet in the new environment.


Rather than focusing on a type art which centres around objects, philomena+ promotes art which focuses on individuals and life.



Christine Bruckbauer

co-founder, director and co-curator of the visual art programme


Christine Bruckbauer is a curator, art writer and university lecturer with a research focus on contemporary art practices in North Africa, South and West Asia. With a sociological approach of art observation and an interest in transnational and postcolonial cultural-political developments she is dedicated to commissioning artists to explore the possibilities of engaging aesthetical, social or political dialogues in different contexts.

Negar Hakim

co-founder, curator, director of the architecture programme


Negar Hakim studied art history at the University of Vienna. She is on the editorial board of Memar Magazine and Kunst und Kirche and has acted as co-editor of several other art and architecture magazines in the Middle East. Hakim does intercultural consulting in art and architecture between Europe and Iran. She organises transregional workshops, seminars and study trips, and has been a jury member for various architectural competitions. Currently she is also a Univ. Ass. (lecturer) at the TU Wien, with a focus on non-European architecture.

Aline Lenzhofer

co-curator of the visual arts programme


Currently based in Vienna, Aline is a curator, cultural worker and communication manager with a focus on collaborative projects and on artistic practices from the WANA region and beyond. With a background in cultural and social anthropology and a degree in cultural management, Aline has worked with different cultural institutions in Morocco, Egypt and France.

further team members

Ibrahim Dirani (since 2024), Mathilde Burg (since 2023), Toqa Eissa (since 2023), Paola Boscaini (2023), Shirin Idais (2023), Leopold Enzendorfer (since 2023), Azadeh Hariri (since 2022),Sam Bojoghli (since 2021), Valeria Meneghelli (2021), Alexander Meurer (2021-2022), Juliane Harder (2021), Alicia Frank (2021), Hannah Fally (since 2020), Christina Winkler (2020-2022), Chinara Majidova (2020), Bárbara Palomino–Ruiz (2020-2022), Monika Mairhofer (2019), Daniel Marina (2019)


Alaa Abu Asad, Zaynab Abubakr, Avin Ahmadi, Chakor Alami Karim, Mustapha AkrimJihad Al-khattib, Mohamed Allam, Mai Al Shazly, Fatma Alshikhy, Parisa Aminolahi, Gagik Arshàk, Sanae Arraqas, Joerg Auzinger, Fatih Aydoğdu, Lital Bar Noy, Sahar Bardie, Michael Baumgartner, Majid Bekkas, Handous Belhassen, Aahd Benchaouch, Zakaria Benchekroun, Yasmine Belhassen, Walid Ben Ghezala, Younes Ben Slimane, Fatima Zahra Benhamza, Yesmine Ben KhelilMohammed Boshnaf, Tanja Boukal, Kati Bruder, Mehdi Chamma, Imran Channa, Georgia Creimer, Oscar Cueto, Ramesch DahaMariama Nzinga Diallo, Alina d’Alva Duchrow, Armin Mohsen Daneshgar, Omid Darvish, Nava Ebrahimi, Jeannette Ehlers, Sarri Elfaitouri, Abdessamad El Montassir, Raghd Elshaheibi, Fariba Farghadani, Ali Akbar Farzadi, Mounir Fatmi, Enrico Floriddia, Milad Forouzandeh, Robert Frittum, Fanni Futterknecht, Afsaneh Gächter, Petra Gell, Souheila Ghorbel, Wassim Ghozlani, Ava Binta Giallo, Helene Glüxam, Malek Gnaoui, Lisa Großkopf, Anne Glassner, Johanna Magdalena Guggenberger, Abdulrab Habibyar, Maria Hanl, Azadeh Hariri, Mohsen Hazrati, Sarvin Hazin, Markus Hiesleitner, Markus Hofer, Christine und Irene Hohenbüchler, Thalia Hoffman, Payman Hooshmandzadeh, Ahoo Maher, Minoo Iranpour Mobarakeh, Simon Inou, Orit Ishay, Emanuel Jesse, Soukaina Joual, Sohab Kashani, Nouhaila Karroum, Annette Krauss, Seba Kayan, Baharak Keshani, Farah Khelil, Max Klimburg, Margareta Klose, Vanja Krajnc, Raphael Kajetan Krottenauer, Patricia K.Triki, Hela Lamine, Holger Lang, Mohammed Laouli, Claudia Larcher, Serena Lee, Johann Leitner, Kateryna Lysovenko, Thaer Maarouf, Nourhan Maayouf, Souad Mani, Nama Masoud,  Veronika Merklein, Ernst Miesgang, Etemad Moghaddam, Marzieh Mohammadmiri, Engy Mohsen, Vitória Monteiro, Ryts Monet, Mahroo Movahedi, Ziad Naitaddi, Karam Natour, Mara Niang, Yoshinori Niwa, Bárbara Palomino Ruiz, Kid Pex, Manuela Picallo GilLisl Ponger, Hosna Pourhashemi, Ursula Maria Probst, Anahita Razmi, Ayan Rezaei, Mehran Rezagholi, Elma Riza, Shiri Rozenberg, Chris Saint Martin, Sepehr Samadian, Edith Sandhofer-Malli, Nabil Saouabi, Michaela Schausberger, Verena Schneider, Tomash SchoiswohlLena Schwingshandl, Lerato Shadi, Aida Shayegani, Naja Shokri, Huda Takriti, Patrick TimmKosta Tonev, Transcultural Emancipation Collective, Martina Tritthart, Zineb WakrimRania Werda, Christina Werner, Katarzyna Winiecka, Wolfgang Wirth, Bassem Yousri, Sula Zimmerberger, Jan David ZimmermannFérielle Zouari



City of Vienna

Federal Ministry Republic of Austria Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport 

Federal Ministry Republic of Austria European and International Affairs

Cultural Commission of the 2nd District in Vienna

Basis Kultur Wien 

OeAD – Agency for Education and Internationalisation

i-Portunus, Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

All Around Cultures, co-funded by the European Union 

Culture Moves Europe – Culture and Creativity – European Union


Le Cube, Rabat since 2017

La Boîte, Tunis since 2018

FluccVienna since 2019

Independent Space Index,  since 2019

Austrian Cultural Forum, Cairo since 2020

Salam Orient, Vienna since 2020

Sumac Space – Art Practices of the Middle East, Digital platform 2021 

other partners, with whom philomena+ cooperated in the past

project room

The project room philomena+, situated right next to Praterstern, gives the platform a physical home where face-to-face encounters can take place. 


artist residencies

+ Combined living accommodation/artist studio/exhibition space, equipped with cooking facilities and Wi-Fi 

+ an official invitation for grant and visa application purposes

+ PR activities (announcement on Social Media), contacts to the local art community, exhibition space

If you are interested in participating in a project, please send your application (CV, project description, availability) to: info@philomena.plus

Note: Your application will go through a selection process, and you will be notified if your application has been successful.