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Friday, 22/11/2019, 5 – 8 pm

Veronika Merklein, 2019, Fotostudio Großkopf & Rozenberg , philomena+

5 pm
Performative Intervention by guest artist Veronika Merklein

6 pm
Ruby Sircar in conversation with Lisa Großkopf, Veronika Merklein and Shiri Rozenber

Fotostudio Großkopf & Rozenberg, project room philomena+ Heinestraße 40, 1020 Wien

The talk „How To Queer A Photo Studio?“ focusses on the artists‘ quest to transport more queerness into the public space through creating a fake photo studio. University lecturer Ruby Sircar discusses with Lisa Großkopf, Veronika Merklein und Shiri Rozenberg artistic methods for breaking social norms, about the body as a sculpture in society and possible ways of freeing spaces from conventional connotations. 

Lisa Großkopf and Shiri Rozenberg transformed the philomena+ project room into a temporary photo studio. There photographic works of both artists will not only be exhibited but also produced during photo shootings, which are open to everybody.

Lisa Großkopf’s work oscillates between different disciplines, from photography to transmedial art. In her artistic practice and investigation she combines conceptual, experimental and performative methods with practices of activism.

Veronika Merklein is a German Austrian (performance) artist, writer and fat activist. Her latest body of work concentrates on body politics. She is represented by Michaela Stock Gallery (AT). For further information:

Shiri Rozenberg  is a photographer and a conceptual artist working with photography and installation. Her point of view raises questions about her environment, as she brings up different conflicts between cultures, nationalities, sexuality and gender.

Ruby Sircar is lecturer, art scientist and artist. Received her doctorate in postcolonial studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Research Fellow at the Jan van Eyck Academie Maastricht and currently teaching Performative and Media Techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

These events took place in the context of the exhibition project Fotostudio Großkopf&Rozenberg.  


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<< Contemporary Architecture from Isfahan >>

Thursday, June 27th, 2019, 7 pm
philomena+, Heinestraße 40, 1020 Vienna

This lecture by Negar Hakim takes place within the ongoing exhibition How is life? Chetori? چطوری؟ (until July 6, 2019). She will talk about contemporary architecture from Iran, especially from Esfahan. 

Negar Hakim, born in Isfahan, is editor-in-chief of the architecture magazine Memar and co-editor of other art and architecture magazines in the Middle East. She is co-founder of philomena+ and teaches at various universities on the subject of Modern Architecture in Islamic Countries. In 2018 she published the volume Contemporary Iranian Architects 1, New Space: Movement and Experience. The book provides an overview of architecture bureaus seeking new solutions. This is a special undertaking in a society that has religious authorities influencing issues such as the design of ‚open kitchens‘ and  ‚garden swimming pools‘.

To round off the evening, there will be a picnic with Iranian snacks in the philomena+ front garden, which currently features the hammock installation The Right to Laziness by Oscar Cueto and Alaa Abu Asad’s #1 Assembly




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Bildungsroman in my hands number four, Enrico Floriddia, 2018, Enrico Floriddia

ENRICO FLORIDDIA  – Bildungsroman
Chapter III   » Queen of Saba a.k.a. βασίλισσατουνότου «
Tuesday, February 26, 2019, 7pm
philomena+, Heinestraße 40, 1020 Vienna

In a series of performative lectures with four chapters Enrico Floriddia presents his recent project Bildungsroman, an artistic research on the life of Eduard Glaser – astronomer, epigraphist, archaeologist and expert of Judeo-Arabic culture in Southern Arabia.
Eduard Glaser lived all his life as a stranger. Born in today Czech Republic from a Jewish family, he spent his life wandering. Enrico Floriddia’s Bildungsroman traces the first part of Glaser’s life throughout his studies in Prague and Vienna, his foot march to Paris, his troubled time in Tunis and Alexandria before he reached his craved destination, Yemen. The so-called Arabia Felix (lat. „Happy Arabia“) has been the place where Eduard Glaser finally stopped his quest. Just to start digging.
Like Glaser, the series of lectures performances is constantly looking at the Sun. Building an original fiction, Enrico Floriddia will make use of his research material, found documents, supposed dreams, liminal texts and pop music videos that unfold along a rather tortuous line.

Going through encounters in Vienna and Tunis, chapter III will deal with Eduard Glaser’s final arrival in Arabia Felix. Eduard Glaser discovers a new face of the Queen of Saba. A story of herbs and hair.

Performance Lecture Series Bildungsroman
All Five Chapters

All performances are held in English except the Intermezzo on March 12, which will be held in Italian.

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