artist residencies

d'Alva Duchrow

06/02 – 25/02/2023

Alina d’Alva Duchrow (*1971 in Fortaleza, lives in Rabat) holds a degree in architecture and urban planning from Universidade de São Paulo and from the Alanus Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft in Bonn.

Today she works as a visual artist with video, photography, drawings and installations in public and private spaces. Her works usually arise from a site-specific context, always in search of insights and for instruments for dealing with time, space and the other.

In her recent work she investigates historical events, residues of colonialism, that have been forgotten, made invisible or deliberately denied by official discourse. Her work focuses especially on micro-narratives bringing into correspondence different image regimes and narrative modes.


In Vienna, together with Georgia Creimer and Vitória Monteiro, she contributes to the exhibition Imagine Leopoldine with an artistic research on the “surviving image” of the public and almost mystical figure of Empress Leopoldina in Brasil today.