Mohammed Laouli

16/11 – 30/11/2017

curated by Elisabeth Piskernik and Gabrielle Camuset
produced by Le Cube – Independent art room / Rabat

Venue: philomena+ project room

Heinestraße 40/7, 1020 Vienna

 © philomena+

Mohammed Laouli creates with the video “Hassad al Houb / Labor of Love”  an interface between the arduous work of Moroccan women in the production of rose water and a text of the feminist activist Sylvia Federici. In the artist’s work, we see a ritual in which a miraculous rose water is produced that symbolizes a cure against patriarchal, sexist, and capitalist thinking. This water, presented in little flacons in philomena+ showcases, is intended to release the viewer from these thoughts. Mohammed Laouli was born in 1977 in Salé, Morocco, where he still lives and works today. He studied philosophy in Rabat. His artistic work focusses on social marginalized groups and has received high recognition in the international arena.

“Attokoussy” is the Arabic epitome for practices and rituals of faith. The art project with the same title is a collaboration between the independent art space Le Cube in Rabat and Hinterland Gallery in Vienna. It deals with the so often ethnically and archaically connoted theme by the use of new artistic approaches. In September 2017 an artist residence programme in Marrakesh, organised by Le Cube, gave the opportunity to several artists from Morocco, Austria and Australia to confront the local practices of faith and to transform these experiences into and drawings where the past and the present merge with each other. One of them is the video work “Hassad al Houb / Labor of Love”  by Mohammed Laouli.

The entire exhibition “Attokoussy” in the Galerie Hinterland, Krongasse 20, 1050 Vienna will stay open until Dec. 23rd, 2017. “Attokoussy” is part of the Vienna Art Week 2017.