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تعقيدات عادية


Taking everyday practices as a starting point, the art project “Banal Complexities تعقيدات عادية” dives into complex socio-political issues such as sexuality, body ideals, nutrition, migration, and the precarious living conditions of marginalised communities. In Vienna’s second district four intercultural artist duos use public art interventions to create new zones where encounters, exchanges and discussions can take place between artists, passers-by and residents.


This publication describes these experiences through the written word and abundant photographic material, and also gives a deeper insight into the process behind the interventions, in the form of statements by and interviews with the participants, illustrating the multi-layered nature of this project.

Editors: Christine Bruckbauer & Aline Lenzhofer

Texts: Christine Bruckbauer & Aline Lenzhofer
Statements: Mohammed Nouh Alfara, Jihad Al-khatib, Sam Bajoghli, Paula Flores, Lauren Fournier, Maria, Arif Muhamed, Alexander Nikolai, Emily Sarsam, Ernst Schmiederer, Roland Schweizer, José Maria Springer, Silvia Wieland

Conversations: Margareta Klose & Nourhan Maayouf, Oscar Cueto & Bassem Yousri, Lisa Großkopf & Soukaina Joual, Malek Gnaoui & Markus Hiesleitner

Graphic Design: Grafikum – Studio für Gestaltung

Publisher: Verlag für moderne Kunst

year: 2021 (December)
format: hardcover, 17 x 24 cm, 120 pages 

languages: German, English

ISBN: 978-3-903572-68-3
price: 22,00 Euro