Diaries From a Locked Flat

Saturday, 03/07/2021, 2 pm / 3 pm / 4 pm
Venue: Heinestraße 40, 1020 Vienna

as part of the project “Banal Complexities تعقيدات  عادية”

Nourhan Maayouf, Diaries From a Locked Flat, 2021 © Kosta Tonev, philomena+
As part of her collaborative project “Let’s talk Food” (with Margareta Klose) the artist Nourhan Maayouf presents the performance “Diaries from a Locked Flat”:
Drinking coffee with colleagues, eating a Big Mac in her car and preparing Mahshi together with her mother at home. The artist Nourhan Maayouf takes us on a journey, reflecting on the daily life of a millennial female living with her family in one of Cairo’s middle class neighborhoods, from pre-COVID-19 times to lockdown realities in 2020. In a narration filled with excerpts from a diary and pop cultural elements, the artist presents memories, struggles and dreams amid uncertain times.


(*1990, lives and works in Cairo and Serre) is an Egyptian artist who mainly uses photography and video in her practice. Her works are mostly autobiographical and reflect the socio-political situation of young women of the Egyptian middle class, of which she herself is a part. In the form of self-portraits, performances and installations, she deals with questions of gender, home, dreams of independence and contemporary relationship issues. She is currently studying Arts in Public Spheres at the École de design et haute école d'art du Valais in Switzerland.

Nourhan Maayouf, Diaries from a Locked Flat, 2021, photos: Kosta Tonev.