artist residencies

Elma Riza

15/06 – 26/06/2020

“This idea of getting to know someone artistically on a short term basis is very stimulating, it is about an aesthetic encounter, but also about the common approach of a creative moment, which in itself is a challenge and requires a certain open-mindedness on the part of the artists. I had the chance to meet Petra Gell, with whom the collaboration went very well and was enriching.”

Elma Riza is a Franco-Tunisian artist (*1986 in France, lives and works in Berlin). She graduated from the KHB School of Fine Arts in Berlin and studied Improvisation – Instant Composition. In 2014, Elma Riza founded Imprévu Berlin – Interdisciplinary Platform for Instant Composition. Her artistic practice revolves around the notions of place (topos) in relation to the created (imaginary) space. She uses Instantaneous Composition – an image created in the moment to be perceived as a landscape, where body and objects are in dialogue. 


In Vienna, she and Petra Gell realised the joint exhibition “How to make a bee-line” (26/06 – 01/08/2020), a project that tested the artistic and personal approach of two artists previously unknown to each other.

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