Maria Hanl & Ziad Naitaddi

02/03 – 17/04/2024

curated by Achraf Remok and Elisabeth Piskernik


Opening: Friday, March 01, 2024, 6 pm

Venue: philomena+ project room, Heinestraße 40, 1020 Vienna

How do we fill the space that arises between us?, concept: Maria Hanl, photos: Maria Hanl, Ziad Naitaddi, 2024

The exhibition Emotional Lands explores the complexity of human emotions in a rapidly changing world. What experiences trigger feelings? What causes our feelings to change? The artists Maria Hanl (Vienna) and Ziad Naitaddi (Salé) explore these questions and look at the topic of migration and political manipulation from their own perspective. 

Ziad Naitaddi’s artistic work invites us to examine our own prejudices and preconceptions by questioning the dichotomy of good and evil and looking at the subtleties of the behaviour of people who are exposed to external and internal changes while migrating. 

In her work, Maria Hanl addresses the tension between the individual and society. She is interested in people as social and emotional beings who always relate to a community in their existence. This characteristic makes not only the individual but also entire collectives vulnerable and susceptible to manipulation. Based on Gustave Le Bon’s “Psychology of the Masses”, she examines the influence over emotions as an instrument of power.


(*1969 in Gallneukirchen, lives and works in Vienna) explores human conditionalities from a constantly changing perspective and is interested in the relationship between subjects and objects and the spaces that unfold through these connections. She is less interested in conditions than in the constant changes that are inscribed in every living organism. Maria Hanl graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna and the Slade School of Fine Art, London, as well as studying education, special needs education and physical education at the University of Vienna and has participated in countless exhibitions in Austria and abroad.


(*1995 in Rabat, lives and works in Salé) attempts to express the human soul through his work by photographing people and expressing their inner emotions, currently focussing on the theme of migration and identity. He visualises the emotional side of this topic, the tragic dimension of migration and the difficult decision that emigrants have to make. His projects scrutinise the emergence of hardship, loss of identity and the adventurous search for answers. Ziad Naitaddi’s work has been presented in various exhibitions, publications and collections.


(*1997 in Rabat, lives and works in Rabat) is a writer and curator. He has a BA in Cultural Studies and is working towards a Master’s degree in Gender Studies. He writes for the art magazine Diptyk and is co-curator of the independent art space Le Cube. Achraf Remok wrote the book “His Letters”, which deals with the concept of epic poetry, and published “Khamsa we Chmiss” together with two other authors. As a member of the editorial team of Le Selenite Editions, he was involved in the creation and publication of the first book in the WANA region dealing with gender and sexuality issues.


(*1968 in Vienna, lives and works in Rabat and Vienna) graduated in Art History and Romance Studies at the University of Vienna. She moved to Rabat in 2004 and founded Le Cube - independent artroom in 2005 to create a platform for exhibitions, residencies and research focussing on contemporary art practices. Since 2006, Elisabeth Piskernik has set up several residency and research programmes to accompany emerging artists in Morocco and internationally in the conception and production of their artistic work and exhibitions.

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