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Performative Intervention by guest artist Veronika Merklein 

Ruby Sircar in conversation with Lisa Großkopf, Veronika Merklein and Shiri Rozenberg

Friday, 22/11/2019, 5 pm
Venue: philomena+ showcase, Heinestraße 40/7, 1020 Vienna

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© Shiri Rozenberg

The talk “How To Queer A Photo Studio?” focusses on the artists’ quest to transport more queerness into the public space through creating a fake photo studio. University lecturer Ruby Sircar discusses with Lisa Großkopf, Veronika Merklein und Shiri Rozenberg artistic methods for breaking social norms, about the body as a sculpture in society and possible ways of freeing spaces from conventional connotations. Lisa Großkopf and Shiri Rozenberg transformed the philomena+ project room into a temporary photo studio. There photographic works of both artists will not only be exhibited but also produced during photo shootings, which are open to everybody.

These event took place in the context of the exhibition project “Fotostudio Großkopf & Rozenberg.


Lisa Großkopf‘s work oscillates between different disciplines, from photography to transmedial art. In her artistic practice and investigation she combines conceptual, experimental and performative methods with practices of activism.

German Austrian (performance) artist, writer and fat activist. Her latest body of work concentrates on body politics. She is represented by Michaela Stock Gallery (AT).


lecturer, art scientist and artist. Received her doctorate in postcolonial studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Research Fellow at the Jan van Eyck Academie Maastricht and currently teaching Performative and Media Techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

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