public art
Banal Complexities تعقيدات  عادية⁩


Margareta Klose & Nourhan Maayouf

15/03 – 30/06/2021

curated by Aline Lenzhofer


Venue: Volkertplatz next to the youth center, philomena+ front yard

Interactive Performance “dialogs on donuts” by Margareta Klose: 03/07/2021 and 04/07/2021, 12 – 7 pm

Performance “Diaries from a locked flat” by Nourhan Maayouf: 03/07/2021, at 2 pm, 3 pm and 4 pm

Residency Period of Nourhan Maayouf at philomena+: 21/06/2021 – 08/07/2021


"Let's Talk Food!", philomena+ 2020 © 

Stuffed eggplants, pickled cucumbers, simits and donuts have found their way to Volkertplatz in an unusual form. The photo series “I am stuffed” even confuses veggie fans while ring-shaped seating sculptures invite people to take part in “dialogues on donuts”.


Artists Nourhan Maayouf and Margareta Klose use their artistic intervention at Volkertplatz and in the philomena+ front yard to show that cooking is indeed a collective act, and they fuel the exchange of recipes with a lively workshop programme in collaboration with the  piramidops association. The artists use the preparation and preservation of food as a vehicle to explore topics such as gender roles, memories about ingredients that are common elsewhere and the migration of dishes.

“Let’s talk Food!” is part of the project “Banal Complexities تعقيدات  عادية“, a series of 4 collaborative art interventions in public space curated and realised by philomena+ between Praterstern and Volkertplatz from March to September 2021.



(born in Berlin in 1993, lives and works in Vienna, Salzburg and Brussels) studied painting at the Mozarteum Salzburg, linguistics, German literature, history and politics at the University of Salzburg as well as TransArts at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and at the School of Graphic Research Brussels. Her work reflects queerfeminist themes and deals with the construction and optimisation of the self. Performative and research-based works are part of her artistic practice.

(born in Cairo in 1990, lives and works in Cairo and Sierre) is an artist whose practice focuses on photography and video. Her works are mostly autobiographical and reflect the socio-political situation of young women of the Egyptian middle class, of which she herself is a part. Through self-portraits, performances and installations, she deals with questions of gender, home, dreams of independence and contemporary relationship issues. She is currently studying Arts in Public Spheres at the Valais School of Art and Design.

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