Saturday, 29/04/2023, 10 am – 6 pm

Saturday, 13/05/2023, 2 – 6 pm
Venue: Stand 129, Viktor-Adler-Markt 129, 1100 Vienna

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in cooperation with Salam Orient and Stand 129

Mustapha Akrim, Recherches, Historires plus que parfaites.

The visual artists Mustapha Akrim (Morocco) and Ryts Monet (Austria/Italy) address the design of banknotes and the history of money in their ongoing projects. In workshops at the Viktor Adler Market, they invite the participants to analyse the design of our money and discuss the representation of an imagined community on banknotes. Together banknotes of an alternative currency for the market will be designed with a focus on creating forms of representation that correspond to the community and show common references such as symbols, images and people.


(*1981) lives and works between Rabat and Sale. He graduated from the Institut National des Beaux-Arts de Tétouan in 2008. The installations of Mustapha Akrim question the nature of work and the difference between construction and artistic creation in relation to the constant change of society. He belongs to an artist generation that develops a new language redefining the basis of expression in the visual arts in Morocco. Having a nuanced comprehension of history and the dynamic of power, this generation, that has broken up with the aesthetics developed in the post-colonial period, is seeking a new form of free expression.


(*1982) lives and works in Vienna. Ryts Monet's work explores geopolitical and cultural frictions, clashes, ruins, monuments and symbols of power that have a precise relationship with the present and collective memory. Each of his projects aims to trigger a dialogue or reflection between himself, the viewer and the world around us. His interest lies in contemporary and late 20th century history, particularly in themes that deal with the expansion and crisis of the historical ideologies.