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Magazin on Architecture and Urban Design

In the past two decades, new evolutions have emerged gradually transferring industrial societies of the twentieth century to ‘postindustrial’ societies of the twenty-first century with their new digital services and facilities; societies whose distinct quality is new configurable goods and mass production of single products. That is also the case in architecture.  If James Watt’s invention in the nineteenth century succeeded in replacing Manual Labour with Machine Power and if Conveyor Belts in the beginning of the twentieth century served as the moving force of Mass Production, today computers are becoming the Steam Engines of a new age known as Post-Industrial where the moving force is ‘digital’.  The young and creative architects growing up in the Digital Age who are familiar with the world of computers, but they enjoy limited opportunities. In this issue of Memar magazine we tried to represent the position of a young generation of architects in the past two decades through publication of indepth articles.

Seyyed Reza Hashemi, Joerg H. Gleiter, Matthias Boeckl, Michelle Galindo, Werner Sobek, Soa Architects, Miniwiz, VTN Projects, Knowspace Projects, Design Core Architects, Koorosh Rafiee, Persian Garden Studio, Interview with Armin Daneshgar, Babak Zirak 

edited by Negar Hakim