artist residencies

Mustapha Akrim

17/04 – 15/05/2023

Collaborative Exhibition Markt-Marie: 06/05 – 07/07/2023
Opening: 05/05/2023, 6pm,
 in collaboration with SALAM ORIENT

Mustapha Akrim is a Moroccan artist (b. 1981), lives and works between Rabat and Sale. He graduated from the Institut National des Beaux-Arts de Tétouan in 2008. The installations of Mustapha Akrim question the nature of work and the difference between construction and artistic creation in relation to the constant change of society. He belongs to an artist generation that develops a new language redefining the basis of expression in the visual arts in Morocco. Having a nuanced comprehension of history and the dynamic of power, this generation, that has broken up with the aesthetics developed in the post-colonial period, is seeking a new form of free expression.


During his residency at philomena+ he develops in collaboration with Ryts Monet „Markt-Marie“, an exhibition and workshop project dealing with the design and history of banknotes in times of economic crises. In the exhibition Mustapha Akrim will present an newly developed version of the in-situ installation „Histoires plus que parfaites“ and will invite the visitors to take on the act of scratching in order to make visible facets of the recent history of money.