artist residencies

Nourhan Maayouf

21/06/2021 – 08/07/2021

Nourhan Maayouf (*1990, lives and works in Cairo and Sierre) is an Egyptian artist whose practice mainly focuses on photography and video. Her works are mostly autobiographical and reflect the socio-political situation of young women of the Egyptian middle class, of which she herself is a part. Using self-portraits, performances and installations, she deals with questions of gender, home, dreams of independence and contemporary relationship issues. She is currently studying Arts in Public Spheres at The Valais School of Art in Switzerland. 

In Vienna, she participates at the public art event Banal Complexities تعقيدات  عادية⁩, for which she and Austrian-based artist Margareta Klose has conceived the intervention “Let’s talk Food!”.