public art

Banal Complexities تعقيدات  عادية⁩


interactive intervention, painting action, film production

Oscar Cueto & Bassem Yousri 

01/06 – 31/07/2021


01/06 – 21/06/2021
Artist Residency Bassem Yoursi 


12/06/2021, 6-9 pm

Presentation of Oscar Cueto’s painting collection with the music group Luna y Son, philomena+ front garden


24/07/2021, 8-10 pm

Film screening “Speed Date” and Q&A with Bassem Yousri, Café Else


Venues: philomena+ Heinestraße, Rabbiner-Friedmann Platz, Max-Winter-Platz,  Prater, Café Else Heinestraße

Oscar Cueto & Bassem Yousri, "Big Little Stories", Banal Complexities تعقيدات عادية, June/July 2021 © Bassem Yousri, Oscar Cueto, philomena+

Bassem Yousri and Oscar Cueto invited residents of Vienna’s 2nd district to share their personal stories, vicissitudes and any miracles they may have experienced along the way.

Inspired by the ex-votos from his home country, Mexico, Oscar Cueto painted the stories onto small plates. The music group Luna y Son included some of the stories into their lyrics and performed them during the presentation of Oscar Cueto’s painting collection at philomena+ garden. 

Bassem Yousri‘s film project “Speed Date” is based on an organized  encounter between him and Maria, a Bulgarian sex worker in Vienna. In the setting of a speed date, they share conversations about various topics raising questions about the body, play, happiness, and creativity.

“Big Little Stories” is part of the project “Banal Complexities  تعقيدات عادية”, a series of 4 collaborative art interventions in public space curated and realised by philomena+ between Praterstern and Volkertplatz from March to September 2021.



(born in Mexico City in 1976, lives and works in Vienna) studied TransArts at the University for Applied Arts Vienna. In his artistic work he develops narrative practices and reflects mechanisms that shape the concepts of history, knowledge, memory and identity. Oscar Cueto's projects are developed using a variety of techniques, from drawing to the performative installation. In order to attract the public to participate, the artist often makes the latter accessible or playable. Since 2017, Oscar Cueto has invited international curators and artists to collaborate on his nomadic anti-museum MUME.

(born in Algeria in 1980, lives and works in Cairo) is a visual artist, filmmaker, and art educator. He studied painting at the School of Fine Arts - Helwan University Cairo and received his MFA from Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University Philadelphia. He works with various forms, including mixed-media installations in art galleries and public spaces and experimental and documentary films. Yousri’s work explores issues related to the relationship between the everyday details and the larger socio-political context and between form and representation in the context of the exhibition space and public space. He makes use of humour and sarcasm as a tool that can reach different audiences from diverse cultures.

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