drawing performance 

Thursday, 21/03/2024, 7 pm
Venue: philomena+, Heinestraße 40, 1020 Vienna

Maria Hanl & Michaela Schausberger, hciud.

What is the glue that holds this world together? We speak one language, but do we still understand each other? Who gives words their meaning and who decides what they mean? The visual artist Maria Hanl and the composer and performer Michaela Schausberger approach these questions in the form of a performative drawing, in which the word in its semantics and phonation is the starting point for exploring the connections between movement/thinking/sensing.


Maria Hanl and Michaela Schausberger open up a poetic space for reflection for the audience and invite them to exchange ideas in the form of an audience discussion after the performance.



(*1969 in Gallneukirchen, lives and works in Vienna) explores human conditionalities from a constantly changing perspective and is interested in the relationship between subjects and objects and the spaces that unfold through these connections. She is less interested in conditions than in the constant changes that are inscribed in every living organism. Maria Hanl graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna and the Slade School of Fine Art, London, as well as studying education, special needs education and physical education at the University of Vienna and has participated in countless exhibitions in Austria and abroad.

(*1968 in Ohlsdorf, lives and works in Gmunden). The composer, performer and vocalist operates within the polarities of contemporary and classical music as well as in the field of tension between jazz and free improvisation. Her compositional works oscillate between parametric changes of perspective and often contain characteristics of a social sculpture. Other artistic focal points include solo and collective real-time compositions and interdisciplinary performances.