artist residencies

Shiri Rozenberg

02/11 – 23/11/2019

“For me, the residency at philomena+ was different than what first I thought it would be. It was different in a way that it wasn’t a “proper” residency as I already know, but, it was a beautiful combination of area investigation and building an exhibition with another artist. Our choice of making it an active installation and collaborating with so many wonderful artists and art people was absolutely inspiring and unique.” 

Shiri Rozenberg (born in 1989, based in Tel Aviv) is a photographer and conceptual artist working with photography and installation. She received her BFA in photography and her MFA from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel.


Her point of view raises questions about her environment, as she brings up different conflicts between cultures, nationalities, sexuality and gender. She seeks to re-assimilate within a place and to create a new narrative through this assimilation in which she chooses its boundaries or alternatively, breaks them.


For the exhibition project “Fotostudio Großkopf & Rozenberg” she and Austrian-based artist Lisa Großkopf transformed the project room of philomena+ into a temporary photo studio, where free photo shoots took place.


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