artist residencies

Sohrab Kashani

April – May 2024

Sohrab Kashani (*1989 in Tehran) is a Rotterdam-based artist working primarily with installation, film, and performance. His work often explores themes of space, body, and perception. Kashani assumes the persona of Super Sohrab, an alter-ego superhero who employs satire and the embrace of failure as tools to navigate the complexities of everyday life. Kashani also runs Sazmanab, a curatorial platform that once operated as an art space and residency programme in Tehran and is currently based in the Netherlands. His recent collaborations and duo exhibitions include Darookhaneh Apotheke Pharmacy at uqbar projectspace in Berlin (2022) and The Other Apartment at Mattress Factory Museum in Pittsburgh, US (2019-2020).


During his residency at philomena+, he presents the project Darookhaneh Apotheke Pharmacy, in collaboration with Anahita Razmi.