artist residencies

Souheila Ghorbel

03/03 – 22/03/2022

Souheila Ghorbel (* 1992, lives and works in Tunis)

When she was growing up, Souheila Ghorbel had many varied career ambitions. She earned a degree in civil engineering but eventually her path led to the arts, culture and heritage sector via working for cultural organisations.
Her vivid photographic works explore her position within the world she lives in. They speak of the artist’s desire to explore nostalgia and a longing to be, do and see things as she did in the past; in other words, to capture a reality that no longer exists, but may once have existed. A curious feeling of melancholy for an era, a person, a color or a smell arises – but one that is tinged with a fleeting pleasure.
Souheila Ghorbel’s contribution to the exhibition project  SOUFFLEAnalogue Breathing presents an early series of work, wherein she creates visual journals through the prism of time and aesthetics of everyday life with a focus on deconstructing and reconfiguring their meaning and what they convey while letting the viewer unravel the clues. 

During her stay in Vienna Souheila Ghorbel will do a photo workshop with teenagers and take part in an artist talk. 

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