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Public Screening

Younes Baba-Ali, Mara Niang, Jeannette Ehlers Chris Saint, Martin, Lerato Shadi


philomena+ invited VIDEONOMAD for an open-air screening on the Volkertmarkt in the 2nd district of Vienna,
Saturday, Sep.2nd, 2017, 8pm.

VIDEONOMAD founder Tobi Ayedadjou (BEN/DEU) and the artist Mara Niang (SEN/AUT) were present at the evening and happy to answer questions from the audience.

Selected videos: 

Younes Baba-Ali (MAR), “Moroccan Anthem”, 2′ 12”
Mara Niang (SEN/AUT), “Save the people”, 4′ 4”
Jeannette Ehlers (DEN), “How Do You Talk About Three Hundred Years In Four Min.”, 4′
Chris Saint Martin (USA): “Carrera”, 5′ 16”
Lerato Shadi (ZAF/DEU): “Matsogo”, 5′