artist residencies

Walid Ben Ghezala

03/03 – 17/03/2022

Walid Ben Ghezala (*1991 in Tunis, lives and works in Tunis.) After studying film, he obtained an applied degree in film editing at the École Supérieure d’Architecture, d’Audiovisuel et de Design in Tunis. Parallel to his work as a photo and video artist, he is a writer of prose texts. In December 2019, he presented his first solo, “Chambre(s) Noire(s)” at La Boîte in Tunis.  During his stay in Vienna he together with Yasmine Belhassen and Souheila Ghorbel will participate at the exhibition “SOUFFLE – Analogue Breathing” and will do a photo workshop with Viennese teenagers. 


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