open studio, story telling, workshop


Mai Al Shazly

15/07/2023, 4 pm

Mai Al Shazly, Soft Power, 2023, broken Willow Pattern plate

Mai Al Shazly invites to her temporary studio at philomena+ in Vienna. The visitors will bear witness to her preparation work for the exhibition Shatter & Shape that opens on July 27th. She will demonstrate the Transfer Printing on porcelain, developed by English potters in the 1750ies, a technique that was essential for adding complex patterns to raw pottery. Mai Al Shazly will also tell us the romantic story behind the heavily Chinese inspired Willow Pattern porcelain, which will be part of her new work in the exhibition.


(*1985 in Cairo, lives and works in Cairo) holds a degree in Business Administration. She works as a multidisciplinary artist and a visual researcher focussing on identity and its relationship with the surrounding environment and the current political issues.