Yesmine Ben Khelil and Lisl Ponger

23/09 – 27/09/2020

Project statement at the Parallel Vienna 2018
art shelf: Enrico Floriddia, Wassim Ghozlani, Rania Werda

Lassallestraße 1, 1020 Wien
Second floor, room number 247
25/09 – 30/09/2018, 12am – 7pm

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philomena+ presents the exhibition “Carrefour des possibles” with Yesmine Ben Khelil and Lisl Ponger who both question clichés and take a critical view on our capitalist society. Lisl Ponger translates a 17th century Spanish still-life into a contemporary photography in a neoliberal, postcolonial and globalized setting. Yesmine Ben Khelil tells through her work Tunisian stories connecting the past, present and the future and oscillates between reality and fiction.

On the art shelf philomena+ shows works by Enrico Floriddia, Wassim Ghozlani, Patrick Timm and Rania Werda.

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